5 Irrefutable laws of B2B Marketing

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B2B selling has undergone a huge transformation due to the pandemic, accelerating their adoption of digital channels to establish new connections and generate leads. While slowly events & exhibitions are making a comeback, the reach and freedom that the digital environment offers cannot be overlooked.

But how different is B2B marketing from retail marketing? And how do you ensure maximum success while selling your product online? Here are some laws to the rescue:

  • Your website is your most powerful tool.
    Your website is the first port of call for prospects and it’s crucial that information is quick to discover, easy to ingest and that the overall persona needs to be in line with your customer’s expectations of your brand.
  • You cannot generate impulse purchases
    The buying cycle is long and therefore impulse purchases are not your thing. Save your marketing dollars on display ads and focus on other channels instead. PR, search ads, SEO, social media activities and email campaigns will offer much higher ROI. You can use display ads for remarketing though.
  • You need to constantly generate content
    Yes, content is king when it comes to online success. Case studies, whitepapers, blogs, email newsletters, videos and so on – you need to keep creating more and more helpful content for your users to stay relevant to your audience. Sharing these materials with existing and potential customers can increase your brand perception in their mind.
  • You need to appear professional
    While B2C audiences can be engaged with videos shot on the phone or simple images, everything you share with your customer needs to work harder to build trust. Investing in good design and quality is a must if you want to be treated differently from competition.
  • Sales intelligence is a must-have
    Targeted knowledge of your customers and a strategy-based communication will give wings to your marketing efforts. Invest in the right tools and use a CRM to stay on top of your leads.

With limited time and overstretched resources, it can be difficult to handle all the aspects in-house. An experienced agency can help you create a plan that works and build all the assets required to execute it.


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