6 Easy Steps to Identify the Right E-commerce Solution

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Many of us aspire to start our own business or take the leap from the home-store or the shop next door to an international widespread platform. Having an online store is probably the best route forward for many businesses, as the setup time and cost is a small fraction of what you would need to invest in a brick & mortar setup. How to then market your store is another story altogether, but the starting point always remains- how do I select the right store for me?

First, for those who are fairly new to how this may work, here’s a brief explanation.

An online store has two parts. The front end, which is the actual website that’s visible to anyone who accesses your website. Here the visitors can view your products, place orders, make payments, subscribe to your catalogue, create mailing lists for friends etc. The other part is the backend, that helps you manage the store. Managing the store includes managing the products listed, collecting orders & payments, maintaining an inventory of your stocks, running various schemes, collecting leads etc.

The front end is the part that can be customized in terms of design as per your preferences & requirements. This is designed just like any other website. You could have a flash based website or an HTML /CSS based website. The backend is usually in a set, pre-structured format and usually needs to be customized to a certain extent to meet your requirements.

The market is flooded with a large number of E-commerce solutions for sale. Keeping in mind a few points would ensure that :