4 Old-School Marketing Tactics Making a Comeback in 2018

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Smartphones and Internet have become an integral part of our lives with most users spending most of their time on their devices. It’s no wonder then that E-commerce is taking over in-store shopping at a growing rate. Low-cost barriers, exact measurable results and fairly detailed targeting options have made the internet a hotspot for finding new clients and taking your business to soaring heights. Online marketing is already one of the most important advertising avenues for businesses.

However, it is also true that this is a cluttered space with too many brands fighting for a share of the consumer’s mind. So how do you make yourself stand out?

Easy. Try Reverse Thought! We mean, think different.

Direct Mail

Today, however, an individual receives on an average of 100work-related emails every single day. People in the corporate sector spend around 4 hours a day on their email account just going through work emails. Your promotional emails are set for doom unless your subscriber base is really into you. To make matters worse, the spam and promotion filters render your email marketing efforts for nought. Direct mail promotion strategies that declined over the years are making a comeback. Companies involved in direct mail marketing are generating quite some revenue. In 2016, 100 million people made catalogue purchases sent via direct mail. The open-rate for direct mail is 42%, which is much higher than emails. So, using direct mail might just be the right idea.

Account-based Marketing

Personalization is the key to grabbing someone’s attention. Don’t you like it when someone takes a real interest in your problems or concerns and helps you solve them, rather than address you like a superficial salesperson? Of course, you do! You can create personalization by implementing Account-based Marketing. Account-based marketing, unlike traditional marketing strategies, focuses on target companies that are potential clients and attempts to win them with personalized campaigns.

Attend Sales Conferences

Conferences bring right-minded people under one roof and everyone benefits by sharing information and collaborating. One of the reasons why the number of conferences reduced over the years was because of inbound marketing. A conference can also backfire if it is poorly planned. A well-executed conference can help you create plenty of leads, generate ample of revenue, and build strong relationships.

‘No calls, no sales’

Today, 50% of internet browsing occurs on smart-phones. A general inquiry on your site can arouse interest, and lead to a sale in a few clicks. You can generate a massive amount of revenue via phone calls. It has been observed that phone calls have a 30 to 50% conversion rate. So, pick up the phone, and start dialing. It has been one of the most efficient methods over decades and will surely boost your sales revenue.

There you go,4 old-school marketing tactics that are making a comeback in 2018. Try them for yourself and decide which ones work best for you.