FIFA 2010- Everyone’s a Winner

FIFA is here and with it millions and billions of dollars in the marketing game waiting to be played around with. Game events like these are usually a win-win situation for all involved. The players, the viewers, the sponsors, the hosts, the vuvuzela sellers, the federations –everyone. You don’t really need to win to be an ultimate winner. And that’s the good thing about sport.
During this period we had the rare opportunity to design some promotional websites for FIFA . The basic premise of these promotions are to ensure that even the viewers become winners. Not just by betting, which is allowed in many participating countries, but by also having their favorite brand of beer or munching their favorite brand of chips or consuming anything that may be dear to their senses.
Add to this the zillion promotions that are going on right from the local eateries to the large establishments, make winners out of the business-owners as well as the ubiquitous consumer. So who loses? Actually, the only one who loses is the one who is neither of the above. Not being in the game is exactly what will make you lose.

So, just jump on the bandwagon and become a winner. It’s time to blow the horn!