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Gain and maintain an engaged audience that’s relevant to your brand & growth plans
Attract, Engage, Convert, Retain

Are you searching for top Social Media Marketing Services to promote your brand on social media channels? Hire Rank ON Technologies- A Leading Social Media Marketing agency in Mumbai India for the best-quality social media marketing services at very low prices!

Opinions are formed and decisions are taken online faster than anywhere else today. Connectivity has never been higher or more pervasive than it is today. We help you own the conversations in this space by taking an intense look at popular beliefs and influencing them.

We have served start-ups as well as legacy brands achieve their goals, pushing their users through the 4 stages of attraction, engagement, conversion and adhesion.

Our Services

Social Media Strategy

We’re experts at developing agile strategies based on listening, learning and responding. We create clear roadmaps to achieve the short term and long term goals for your brand. It’s also our job to maintain a positive brand sentiment, online.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube are the four platforms that have ruled the roost for a while now and it’s important for your brand to succeed on them. Let us help you with that. An important aspect of social media is online reputation management across social media, news, blogs and more. With the right tools and strategies, we handle even the most challenging situations.

Advertising Campaigns

Maximising your ROI is our priority. Our teams work closely with online platforms to set up and manage your campaigns. Constant monitoring, experimentation and pivoting help us focus on the value generating media and drive maximum results.

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Interactive/ Engagement Campaigns

‘Viral’ is the sweetest 5-letter word for every online marketer. Engagement with the brand is the gold standard for any online activity and we find ways to rally your audience in innovative, fun, memorable ways.

Other Services
onlineOnline reputation management

Let’s dive deep into your brand’s online presence and map it against the competition. Let’s scan through social media, news, blogs and even review sites and scan for opportunities. We also have the capability to listen to mentions – even the ones without hash tags and in regional languages.

Analytics & Reporting

What’s your social health card? How well are you achieving your goals? What can we do better? How are your current campaigns doing? Let’s fill you with data-driven insights and show you the opportunities to amplify results.

leadLead Generation

With the right tools, you can turn every digital footprint into a lead generation tool. Additionally, our team can prepare and leverage a complete inbound marketing program to generate qualified leads.

Why Choose Us?

Be seen, be remembered, be loved.

If your business is not online, it’s practically invisible. It’s because what you see is what you buy. And to move beyond simply being seen, you need a skilled partner to help you make the right impact online.

Consistent ROI, a strong creative and strategic vision and fabulous execution make us an excellent partner for companies of all sizes and budgets. Our development skills help you execute multi-dimensional strategies with speed and perfection.

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