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Responsive design helps users get the perfect user experience wherever they are
Creating a responsive website?
Here’s your guide to the Best Practices for Seamless Cross-Device Experiences If you’re creating a website, mobile-first is the first yardstick that you need to confirm irrespective of the kind of business you’re in. With users switching between their laptops,...
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Website accessibility – The digital step towards inclusivity for all
As per World Bank and World Health Organisation estimates, there are 1 billion differently-abled people in the world today. That’s 15% of the global population! Being able to access the internet helps people exercise their rights and improve their standard...
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5 Irrefutable laws of B2B Marketing
B2B selling has undergone a huge transformation due to the pandemic, accelerating their adoption of digital channels to establish new connections and generate leads. While slowly events & exhibitions are making a comeback, the reach and freedom that the digital...
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Are your creative agency & your brand a match made in heaven?
The new-year is here and things are beginning to look up. Obviously, you want to push the accelerator on your marketing communications, internal communications and so on. You seek out a creative agency by inviting proposals from a few and...
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Brand Communication In The Age Of Social Media
It is now common knowledge that social media has the power to make or break a brand and is to be used with caution. However, about a decade ago, brands had become eager to make use of the new formed...
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Google services down globally, Gmail, Drive worst affected
This is the second time in two months that Gmail suffered such a massive outage. Soon after Google services especially Gmail and Drive suffered a major outage across the world including in India on Thursday morning, the tech giant issued...
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Customer Lifetime Value Calculation for Email Marketing
“What can I spend to get a new subscriber and what will it bring me?” a question that I often hear when marketers are creating their email marketing plans. The answer lies in knowing what an email subscriber is worth...
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PPC: Why You Must Include It In Your Digital Marketing Campaign
PPC or Pay Per Click has become an integral part of any digital marketing campaigns in modern times. Especially small business owners might gain a lot from PPC. Most small businesses have a very small budget for marketing. As is the...
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How Digital Marketing Can Help Small Businesses During A Pandemic
Small businesses have been heavily hit by the pandemic   It's been more than six months that everyone is suffering from such a phase that no one ever expected. It is not only about one person, one business, one state,...
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Techies, Government Wants You To Make These 14 Types Of Mobile Apps
1. Street maps app A mobile application offering satellite imagery and street maps, as well as functions such as a route planner for traveling by foot, car, or with public transportation. 2. Techies, government wants you to make these 14...
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