Some Things That Need To Continue Post Coronavirus

Some things that need to continue post Coronavirus

The Coronavirus or COVID19 has changed our world overnight, turning it upside down. Suddenly, we are adapting to a new life where the professional and private worlds intersect each other, our priorities and plans are not what they used to be and we are not the same people we used to know ourselves to be.

While, we cannot wait for the lockdown to get over, there are plenty of wonderful things that have happened during this period, which we wish would become the new normal.

Work from home: While there’s nothing like sharing a cup of tea with colleagues and working in decent attire (and not pajamas), work from home has plenty of benefits. This mode saves time and money and according to experts, also improves productivity. When you’re home, you’re likely to eat healthier and also catch your 40 winks in the afternoon. And don’t tell me you don’t like the heightened sound of birds or that you don’t feel a twinge of delight when ‘nature heals’.

Kids helping around the house: With the no-maid situation, families have had to work as a team to get through their daily tasks. This means kids have been contributing to the daily chores, which is by far the best thing to have happened to them. Not only does it help them develop a sense of confidence and acquire some life skills but also realize their responsibilities.

Discovering your hobbies and passion: Be it cooking or painting, there’s an overdrive of creative pursuits and newfound passions. Club that with social media and we have a steady stream of yummies & goodies showing up on every wall that we have access to.

Zoom Parties: Connecting with cousins, schoolmates, and gully friends has never been this fun. With zoom parties, people are taking the time to get in touch, play games, and bond. This is a trend that we sure want to continue.

Fitness: With all the free time in the world, and heightened health consciousness, fitness has taken many forms. Fitness trainers and enthusiasts have been posting workout videos for an eager fan base. Plus the jhaadu pocha comes with it’s own calorie-torching benefits.

No shopping: The amount of money we are saving on shopping is enough to get us rich in the future. The overwhelming wave of materialism has definitely settled into a calm reassessment of priorities, which is good for our ultimate sustainability. Hopefully, we will continue to think ‘Thoda hai, thode ki hi zaroorat hai’ and not revert back into our old ways.

So here we are, looking at the part that’s half full and hoping that this continues. If you don’t learn something from an adversity, you’ve lost an important opportunity.