Website accessibility – The digital step towards inclusivity for all

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As per World Bank and World Health Organisation estimates, there are 1 billion differently-abled people in the world today. That’s 15% of the global population!

Being able to access the internet helps people exercise their rights and improve their standard of living. That’s why, it is critical that important websites can be used and accessed by people with various abilities without exceptions. This is particularly true of government websites as they impact people at scale.

That’s where website accessibility comes in. So what exactly is web accessibility?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) define what it means for a website to be accessible. Let’s understand what we mean by disability and how implementation of these standards can help people overcome challenges while searching and consuming information.

Website accessibility caters to people with auditory, cognitive, visual, neurological, physical and speech disabilities. It also caters to people with challenges such as old age or temporary problems like a broken arm or lost glasses. Accessibility is also important for people who struggle with challenges such as slow internet connections or people in rural areas.

Several solutions can help create accessible websites such as :

  • Use of videos to explain the textual content
  • Use of captions in videos for people with auditory challenges
  • Use of text readers for people with visual or reading disabilities
  • Use of voice-enabled search for people with physical or visual disabilities
  • Use of colour, contrast and fonts to ensure people with low readability can understand  the content
  • Text enhancement for easy reading especially for older people
  • Use of visual presentation of data to cater to people with cognitive disabilities Limited use of animation and flashing components

These are just some of the prescribed measures. However, each of these points has finer nuances that are easy to incorporate into the next project. After all, the more people your content can reach, the better it is for business.

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