Turn Your Website Into A Business Enabler With One Tool


Did you know that one of India’s largest logistics companies will use chatbots to help users perform a range of tasks in a simple, human way?

Chatbots are becoming more and more ubiquitous by the day. From eCommerce sites to tech startups, chatbots are taking on a multitude of roles from the reliable customer care executive to a welcoming salesperson.

But when companies in an intensely B2B space decide to incorporate chatbots, it signals that B2B customers are ready to cut through the clutter and get straight to what they want, without much ado.

Today, businesses have the option of choosing from a range of chatbots, starting from the really basic to extremely sophisticated. For example, a basic chatbot can act as an interface between a sales rep and an online visitor.

A slightly more advanced version will allow you to pre-determine certain queries and direct the visitor to the right sections based on his choices

NLP bots can allow for more freedom where the bot picks out the keywords from the user’s query and reacts accordingly. AI & ML can help the bot learn from the experiences and can allow you to build on them.

For more complex operations, chatbots can be integrated with the organization’s CRM, raise tickets based on queries and overall add to operational efficiency while easing the customer’s life.

Oh, and did we mention- chatbots offer you analytics and data that can be invaluable in shaping your strategy.

When incorporating a chatbot, aligning the right resources and processes are equally critical to make sure that the user experience is not soured by operational inefficiency.

Talk to us to get a complete understanding of the right bot for you, the opportunities they present and the right processes that will make them work to your advantage.

Reverse Thought Creative Studio is a 12-year old digital agency with vast experience in helping B2B organizations achieve their online goals and improve marketing outcomes. We are in the process of rolling out a benchmark website for the said logistics company after having successfully digitally-enabled a venture of their company globally.