Why One Should Hire a Web Design Company to Make a Mobile Friendly Website?

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We can truly call this 21st century a smartphone era just because the sort of impact smartphones had on our society and our daily life since its inception. A recent study has shown that in 2016 the data usage of phones has surpassed the computers and 3 years later it is still rising and the gap is getting wider.

As the consumer is depending more on smartphones for their daily internet usage, companies are also changing their approach and strategies to market their product. A part of this changing pattern is the need to build mobile phone friendly websites. Top web designing companies in Mumbai have acquainted themselves with this current trend and are offering solutions catering to your need.

Now, in terms of website content, there is no difference between a normal website and a mobile-friendly website but the design language is very distinctive for mobile-friendly websites. Here are some suggestions on how a mobile-friendly website should be.

Information, easy to find
In most of the cases, when a person is going through a website on their phone, they want to find the information easily. So while designing a mobile-friendly website you have to sort out the information that visitor will look for in your website and then put them on your homepage. Also, FAQ’s are of great importance, do not neglect them.

Buttons, make them large enough
When we surf on the computer it’s easy to click on anything with a mouse but on the phone with fingers it’s difficult if the buttons are small. Especially, if there are multiple buttons close to each other in a small space. It will annoy any visitor if they keep clicking on the wrong thing just because your website doesn’t have bigger buttons.

Large fonts
Because mobile screens are small it is harder to read any content if the font is not of an adequate size. At least 14px is recommended by top website designers in Mumbai. But experiment with the size and see which size looks better. Also, try and stick with standard fonts because if you use something exclusive it may make your website slow, which is not good news.

Flash, keep distance
Neither and android nor iOS supports flash, so it is pointless to use it. Also, flash animations make a website slow. So, scrap this idea.
Images and CSS, compress them
If you want a fast website then you must compress the high resolution images and CSS but compressing them will not compromise the user experience.

View port Meta tag, a must
A Meta tag controls how a website will show up on the mobile. If the website opens with the same dimension as the desktop, it will take a lot of time to scroll through and find information. A Meta tag tells a browser to fit the website according to the screen size.
Google says that, most of the people search for local information on their phone, so a fast, responsive and mobile friendly website will definitely reflect on your business and it is worth the investment.

So, consult the top web designing companies in Mumbai for better understanding.