The Actual Shoot


So, finally we embarked on our week-long hectic schedule to shoot the video at the company’s plant and the sites where their products have been installed. We had a week of long driving hours, very little sleep, sometimes no food and sometimes, eating at shabby restaurants. But that apart, the whole process was very exciting and delightful.

A typical shoot crew consists of a producer, an agency representative (who ensures that the quality and essence of content is maintained), a director and a Director of Photography. Here we had a 2 camera setup, so while one camera shot the wide angle shots, another camera covered the close ups, various perspectives, etc. Therefore, we were shooting with two expert directors of photography and we got some killer shots. However, for now, I am just putting up the shots taken by the no-expert me

Am off to Vietnam tomorrow and will come back with more on the progress of the project. Cheers!