The Action Begins..

We had been pitching for a large company’s contract for making their corporate video and brand film which would play an important part in their re-branding exercise and induction process. The client himself is really dynamic, passionate, powerful and a very awe inspiring man with great vision and rich experiences.

So finally, we got the project and now work has started in full swing. After spending the entire last month understanding different facets of the company and the values it stands for, we are standing at the drawing board crafting out a script that will best talk about the company and its operations, values, mission etc in a very engaging and fun manner without losing the basic seriousness of the project.

Drafts after drafts are being put together and re-worked to get one that will excite, inspire and teach all at the same time. This is in my view the most critical phase of the project, because like they say in Hollywood- The beauty lies in the script.

As per plan, we should embark on our shoot starting Friday, where we will capture the roaring cadence of Jog Falls near Goa.

More bytes soon..