Power dressing for the textile industry

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The Indian textile industry caters to the global demand for quality textiles. The sector boasts of a huge number of listed companies- stalwarts of the old economy and biggies in the new one. My experience of working with them has led me to realise that since this industry focuses a lot on improving products and productivity, improving top lines and bottom lines amidst rigid policies and so many other issues, somewhere the need for effective presentation never really got noticed- at least up until now.


Over the next few weeks, with a series of exchanges with their India and US based offices, we had our story firmly in place. The website took on its own character and form through a path breaking combination of engaging storytelling, excellent visuals and the magic of HTML 5 and CSS 3. Welspun India  and eventually became one of the most successful projects done by our Studio.

The Story

The navigation that helps easy access at all times

Despite the rich content, the site is extremely light and quick to load and works perfectly on all devices.

Having won us numerous awards and clients within the textile space, today we are working with the top 3 players in this space. With each one we have identified their unique strengths and position and are excited to see reactions to them as well.

Welspun India was nominated for the Abby’s 2015