Our beautiful five year journey


If you have ever seen a five year old on his fifth birthday, you know that this is an epic event in his life. He feels all grown up, happy, important and has a strong tendency to clap his hands and jump up and down. That’s us! Yes!!! We are five. Such an amazing feeling!

What makes this occasion really special is the journey, not this calender destination. We have a long long way to go because we are greedy souls who constantly want the next best thing.  But looking back here are a few things we did that we are really proud of.

Packaging Adaptation

We were ‘discovered’ by a really dynamic shopper marketing company based out of Europe. Their target market- every FMCG brand you heard of or never heard of. So we were adapting packaging for brands like Nivea, Panda, McCain Foods, Nestle, Budweiser, Gillette, Blistex… the list goes on. The sheer amount of work had us busy for days and nights on end and we had an amazing partnership that lasted for a few years and spilled into other areas as well before the company’s business model changed and they decided to move out of design responsibilities.

Promotional Sites

Again, we created promotional websites for brands such as Elovena, Panda and more. But what we still think as awesome was the fact that we got the amazing opportunity to design promotional websites for the biggest sporting event in the world- FIFA 2010. We created websites for brands such as Budweiser, Jupiler & Hasseroeder. Pure awesomeness!!

Corporate Videos

Some of the most amazing apps have their promotional videos made by us. We have worked with corporates and brands and educational experts. We continue to be mesmerized by the opportunities that this medium presents in the day of social media and also as the most effective sales presentation that there is. Our best moment came when our client from BFL Hydro called us and told us – “guess what? Our film got a standing ovation”.  It felt glorious.

Migration to HTML5

 We loved Flash, like .. a lot! But with the dynamic shift in user behavior thanks to Apple and all their anti-Flash devices, we made the big move from Flash to HTML5. And guess what.. it has been fun. So we created a number of HTML websites for our clients like Arris Architects, HNS Designs, Powerhouse Gym, Piccoli Tortini and so on.

Mobile Apps

Everybody wants an app these days and we have one for everybody. Infact, we are also exploring generic apps that makes life easier for users. Watch this space!

Packaging Design

We are working closely with an Indian brand of medium to luxury bed and bath solutions. We handle their packaging and have a lot going on in terms of innovation in that space.

We love Print

We love print even though digital makes things way more interactive and easy to share and most importantly- green. But there is something about a printed material- maybe the feel of paper in your hands, the smell or just a physical manifestation of what you love- print is awesome.

At this moment, most importantly and sincerely we thank our team that has been with us stoically through these years, creating awesomeness and loving us. Our clients who have been with us since ages, ones who have trusted us, referred us, spoken about us and supported us. We love you and thank you, for without your trust and faith none of this would have been possible.