One Small Detail That Influences Your Online Success

online success

Do you know that Walmart was able to increase its conversion rate by 2% just by reducing its load time?*

For a company like Walmart, that itself translates into huge business and goes on to show that God is truly in the small details. What is true for a large business is also true for a smaller one. What’s true for a retailer is also true for a gas pump manufacturer. Success online requires a fine calibration of performance, communication and experience.

The SARS pandemic has been credited for the meteoric rise of Alibaba & Aliexpress in China as wary customers were forced to adopt online shopping. Now, with a new pandemic of much larger proportions, disruptions will extend to the B2B marketplace too, where customers will increasingly seek partners who can deliver a complete experience online.

The message is simple – businesses need to focus online & make sure their presence is in top form.

At Reverse Thought we have always been at the bleeding edge of web technology, where we’ve employed hundreds of man-hours perfecting the art of creating websites that are not just engaging, rich, but score high on speed. They exhibit flawlessness across devices and comply with Web 2.0 standards.

Some common tips that we offer to all our clients are:

  1. Mobile first. Google first
    No-brainers. Mobile surfing surpasses desktop by miles.
    Google will determine your online success online greatly especially if getting discovered is your goal. While, you can invest in ads, etc. ranking high on search results is important too. Google respects relevant content, high loading speed & regular updates among other things.
  2. Minimise drop-offs
    Research the user journey well and make sure that he can reach his destination with minimum clicks and distractions. That’s why good UI/UX is critical.
  3. Opt for open-source
    Ready platforms are quick to implement but can be cumbersome and restrictive when it comes to how much rich content you can include without compromising on other aspects. So, take the time and effort to have a product that matches your short and long-term needs. But having said that, ready systems have their own merits.
  4. Have a marketing plan in place
    Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that people are bound to view it. So ensure you have your digital marketing strategy in place before going forward.

With that we wish you online success in 2020. If you’d like us to do a free audit of your website and suggest improvements, we’d be more than happy to do it.

*This information appeared in a podcast by Neil Patel, a digital marketer we highly respect. Visit to know him better.