Mobile Blindness- The phenomenon of everything and nothing

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With the power of being light and portable, smart-phones and tablets have conquered the kingdom of internet browsing. Today, people prefer surfing the endless terrain of the internet through their phones rather than the desktop or laptop on the go, in the train, on the bus, or while in queue for coffee. But like all things good and popular, there is a serious downside to this trend.

Even though internet browsing via smart phones is faster than ever today, courtesy of incredibly fast processors that emerge twice as fast every year, can it really replace the web-browsing experience of a desktop? As we all know, a major portion of the community prefers phone-browsing over desktop-browsing, which means responsive first is the new way to design one’s website, but how much information does a phone-screen provide, and is it immersive enough? Does it give you all the information you desire, are the images of the product high-resolution and help you make a good buying decision, are you comparing similar products, are you diving deeper into the subject matter, or are you just getting a glimpse of the information?

With smart-phones, we are getting used to ‘swiping’, while the use of ‘click’ is gradually reducing. We are exposed to minimal information on the small-screens, and we don’treally mind.Instead of digging deeper, we are comfortable with the limited information provided;we carry out our business regardless.These days people read headlines and move on to the next topic, unlike on the desktop, where you engrossed yourself in the complete story or experience.Phone based web-browsing is like scratching the surface as compared to desktop based web-browsing, and there was a time when web-browsing on the desktop itself was like scratching the surface as compared to ‘reading a book’ for hours on end. Reading a book on a particular topic is full-immersion, which we have lost altogether. Only people who still prefer reading a physically published book will know what this means. The new generation who were born with smartphones in their hands will never understand the rich experience of web-browsing on a laptop or for that matter reading a book.

Have you noticed blogs and articles are getting shorter day by day? People rarely stay put for the whole story, a minute or two and their off to the next one. We can say, the new generation is all about speed and we are going through information at lightning speed, but in reality are we? Are we really moving forward or are we descending to the dark ages with 2 or 3 lines of information, but nothing more to understand the whole story. You can choose which kind you wish to be. The one who actually cares and knows more about the topic of interest, or the one who is just addicted to hoping around from post to post, not really understanding anything in depth and being able to empathize with nothing.