Men Behind The Machine


Tushar Garg Principal & Creative Director He is the right brain of our agency and the man in the driver’s seat. Having worked for almost a decade in the industry, he has already amassed a long string of prestigious awards and achievements. He has won the Best Interactive Communication Award at the Abby in 2001 and his work has been listed as Macromedia Site of the Week, got selected on New Web Pick and has been recognized by top web design galleries worldwide such as Web Design Index 2 and among others.

Sunidhi Garg
Head Client Servicing & Operations

She is the left brain of the agency, who primarily decodes our client’s requirements for us and essentially shoots down a million ideas before selecting one of them.

An MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, she brings to the table six years’ experience in business development and operations from the industry.