How to Shop for the Right Social Media Agency

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Finding the right  Social Media Agency is not like buying apples. It’s like finding your red carpet outfit

Each brand needs an active social media presence in order to thrive today. Neglecting this aspect can plunge your business back into the ground. Most companies manage their social media channels in-house, but it is indeed wise to outsource it to a Social Media Agency to make a better impact and reach new audiences. But, how do you know which Social Media Agency is the right one for you? Let’s take a look at the questions you should ask yourself before approaching a Social Media Agency.

Have clarity on your goal

Begin with the end goal in mind. Have absolute clarity on what you wish to achieve. It becomes simple for your company and the Social Media Agency when you have a clear and precise goal in mind. The Social Media Agency can then set you a strategy, and a timeline to reach your goal. While you need not know how a post is boosted, but you do need to know how Social Media works. Most importantly,  you should know what you expect from your SM partner. For example, Which channels need to be managed? Do you need content creationAre you looking for advertising? How many posts do you need per week? And so on.

Key Performance Indicators

The key aspects you should focus on our customer engagement and retention, web traffic inflow, email signups, and collaborating/connecting with influencers. The Key Performance Indicators can help you gauge the success of a campaign, its impact on your business, which KPI has had the highest ROI, and much more. These KPIs are a good way to quantify the progress of your social media promotion.

Additional Resources

There is a lot that goes behind planning a campaign to boost your social media presence. To execute a campaign and make an impact you need additional resources such as a designer, content writer, market researcher and some more.  If your company cannot muster these resources in-house, the burden automatically falls on the Social Media Agency, however, it is very important to clarify this aspect.


Fine, this is crucial. You’ve got budgets to look at.  Of course, you’d prefer not to spend anything at all and get the best in the business. But you know that’s never gonna happen. Having budget constraints will always be a thing, but it’s better to reduce the scope of your social media management than to hire someone cheap who will do everything for you for a song. It’s quality v/s quantity- always. And quality should always be your priority.


Now that you have your expectations, budget, and a list of potential social media agencies jotted down, it is time to pick one that best suits your needs. If you listed down the Social Media Agencies right from the first link that popped on Google, you know the first few links are paid results, which means the social media agency is itself not as good at organic ranking. You should check forums, YouTube comments, reviews, find out what people are saying about the agency, as not all reviews on the agency’s site are real and legit.

I hope this takes you one step closer to understanding How to Shop for the right Social Media Agency.