How a challenger transforms into a leader – The story of Arris Architects in web

home page

Arris Architects is one of our oldest clients and we happened to love their work literally at first sight! What started as a fresh, young architectural firm, we had the privilege of creating their first website, and it remained one of our proudest work for the long.

Now with the world moving away from Flash and Arris growing into a large firm with 200+ projects, we decided to give them a solution that would reflect their stature and ethos in the most elegant and subtle manner. Here is the journey of an underdog to leadership.

The Homepage now projects a breathtaking view of one of the projects created by the firm. The enormity of the structure lends drama and impact for the visitor.

From an agency showing off its structures to a firm with global presence, the About Us page has seen a giant leap

The quantum of projects has grown to new proportions and hence the simple linear projects format has been replaced with a grid view of the entire repertoire.

Career prospects have grown and become more sophisticated.

Of course, being the biggest lovers of Flash we still miss the fun that we could have had with it. However, on the plus side, this new website is compatible with all new devices and browsers and creates the larger than life experience that we were out to create.