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Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is more attractive to modern marketers as it shows actual numbers and numbers never lie. Currently, a majority of organisations and brands have a higher focus on digital initiatives and they’re seeking higher ROI. With low entry barriers, digital agencies have boomed across the world and it is truly ‘the big thing’.

The digital marketing landscape is extremely competitive, but ultimately the one that delivers results is the one that gets ahead. So how does an agency build that ‘edge’ into their digital marketing services? If you are  a new agency starting out, these are a few things to build into your system.

1) Hire young individuals.

Generation ‘Y’ was born into the digital age, and they have lived it unlike other generations before them. Their understanding of what would work on digital platforms is widely shaped by their own experiences, translated into intuition. Hiring a young 20 something fresher v/s a middle-aged guy with 10 years of work experience- you might find that the fresher is getting you the better ideas. This does not mean that experience doesn’t count. Experience allows you to harness these ideas into targeted initiatives. But its a good idea to leave the ideas to the young guns.

Match experience and skills with ideas- its a potent recipe for success.

2) Understand technicalities

Like everything, social media works by certain rules and work flows. It’s important you understand technicalities well or you will lose out on the results

3) Explore the possibilities

The digital landscape is constantly changing and presenting opportunities to those who grab them. Features and platforms are evolving practically every day. You need to keep track of these developments and keep evolving, finding the right tools and strategies for your account.

4) Do not be scared to experiment

Experiments have given us the light bulb, thanks to Einstein. Never be scared to experiment. Change is a breath of fresh air. You may not succeed at first but keep trying until you find the perfect way to reach your desired audience. The tools in this digital era may show you the facts, but take them positively and use it to your benefit.

5) Keep up with trends

Social media is all about conversations and the life of a hot topic is really short. If you want to interest somebody, it is important that you are well-aligned with what the current popular opinion and topics and then start a meaningful conversation around it. Tapping into emotions and opinions is important for every marketer

6) Display your company’s culture

A company culture in a lot of ways is directly associated with the overall personality of the brand and the organisation.What comes to your mind when you think of Google as an organisation? It’s usually a whole lot of respect for the company. While it may seem that only potential employees can be impressed by corporate culture, the truth is that everyone responds to it at varying levels.

7) Stay connected

Last but not the least, always stay connected. Update regularly and consistently. Ultimately we are humans and we strive for connection. Go beyond updates to a warm conversation and you will be able to find your firm footing.

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