10 Ways to Make Corporate Videos Work for You

It’s official! Videos are fast becoming the new signature that every business must have to cut through the long clutter of words and represent themselves in a multidimensional manner with the use of the most interactive and engaging medium there ever was.  A smart, well thought out, well-executed video

Perception-wise, videos are still viewed as being expensive and companies are not sure how they can use it to their advantage. But with the rapid changes in technology, video production has become a lot more affordable. Today, you get to decide your own budget and then evaluate the options that are available with the same. With video-sharing possible over free-for-all channels like Youtube and streaming over the company website being possible, the avenues for promoting your company to your audience are boundless.

The one rule to remember while making a video is that less is always more. Videos should be short, precise and engaging. Therefore, it’s always our recommendation that you create separate videos for various applications. A simple way to do this would be to create one master video and get edited segments to create smaller topical videos from that.

Here are 10 best ways to make use of corporate videos:

1. Product/ Service Videos: Consider these to be your ad-films. These films speak about your product, their features, why is it the best that there is. Product/Service videos should typically not just talk about your product, but actually generate interest for people to want to know more. Many software companies today generate product videos to speak about what their solution can do for customers. These videos are also important for your sales team, as their presentation of your company becomes fairly standardized and they don’t risk missing out anything at all. However, this video essentially needs to be short. Can be used at exhibitions, trade shows, conventions as well.

2. Product Demo videos: Demo videos are similar to product videos, but are of better use in case of products that require a physical demonstration of what they can do. These products are mostly new innovations or things that are not too widely available in the market and therefore a demo video works better in this case.

3. Company Profiles: Company/Corporate profiles are created by companies to reach out to stake holders such as banks, financial institutions and also the public at large. These videos create awareness about the history of the company, its current presence, businesses, philosophy etc. The objective of these videos is to create.

4. Instructional /How to Video: These videos are usually provided along with products to enable consumers to install, operate and maintain the product that they have recently purchased. The videos have replaced traditional manuals that were cumbersome and boring to go to.

5. Employee Video: A video that captures the company’s work environment, the challenges,the fun and the atmosphere creates excitement among future candidates to work with the company. These videos are very popular with companies especially during the placement season on campuses.

6. Client Testimonials: A video that captures various clients speaking about their experience in dealing with the company and the benefits that it brings them proves to be a successful sales tool.

7.Training and seminars: If your company has organized training programs, its well worth the effort to make a video of the same and distribute copies of it later. This would help employees retain what they got from the session and also create a reference point for them later

8. Video Blogs: Video blogs would really help to take your company’s profile and reputation a notch higher with experts from your company speaking about the latest trends in the market, your company’s latest innovations etc.

9. Corporate communication videos: Take every opportunity to release the latest happenings in your company in the form of videos from the top brass which can be aired on TV as well as used for newspaper releases. Let the PR companies have a blast! You can use these videos for crisis management as well.

10. Videos for investors: If you are a publicly listed company, your investors would really thank you for replacing boring power point presentations with huge numbers with a video that captures the various milestones covered by the company. Of course, the rest of the agenda can follow, but a video would give an encapsulated lowdown of what has happened in the last one year.


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