We’re fortunate to work with
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During these 11 years of following our passion for design and technology, we have been extremely lucky to have worked with diverse clients, each of whom has trusted us and encouraged us to push the envelope.

Fashion & Lifestyle
what people say

“Having lived in India for over 10years as MD of Foreign Companies, part of my work scope is our global marketing and branding initiatives to benefit from the Indian “Talent vs. Cost advantage. Although the Indian Web and Graphic Design is increasingly getting more organized, I’ve always found it difficult to find local partners that understand our Vision, Aesthetics, and respect Timelines, while Servicing us efficiently and at a reasonable cost. I was lucky to find all of these qualities in “Reverse Thought” through Tushar Garg and his Team. We’ve now been collaborating for over 5 years and never looked back.”



"Working with Reverse Thought was such a great experience! I received a referral from a friend that used their services a few years ago and she had nothing but great things to say and recommended that I use them to create my website. Now I can say the same! With the time difference as an obstacle they were very patient with me and my ideas easy to communicate with and gave great creative opinions where they saw fit. Thank you so very much!!!"



“Tushar & his team at reverse thought understands not only that website they create is functional but also create a website that makes your product or service look appealing if not better. Tushar does not believe in sugar coating, he is upfront on all costs. No hidden cost. For those reasons, I have hired his services one more time.“



“We needed a quality website developed in a very rapid manner. Tushar's company was extremely helpful to accomplish this goal. We gave him very little time to put it together.
After the development of the first version, he and his team were very responsive to make the requested changes and maintain it. Very thankful to him for helping us out.“

Raj More

CEO & Business Architect, RxLogix Corporation

"Good Aesthetics!"
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Geeta Josie Khanna

Hirumchi Styling Company

"Tushar has been my web artist/designer who could handle my vision and my demands. He has always shown a very professional attitude, patience and delivered more than expected. I am currently continuing to do my next generation of projects and re-launching www.aiplan.com. Once again we teamed up and he is coming thru again with his flare and intuition."

Dinesh Doshi

Architectonics International Inc. NY

"Tushar has worked on several projects. He is very flexible and offers good suggestions and also uses customer input well. Recommended without reservation."

Sriram Natarajan

Behavioral Sciences Research

"Tushar and his team does some really great and innovative work! I would definitely work with them again."

Joe Edakkunnathu

Principal/Creative Director, theSOULwithin

"We had a great experience working for the first time with Tushar and his team. I would recommend his work for professionalism, strong ethics and timeliness."

Aparajita Agrawal

Leads Knowledge & Insights at Intellecap, Microfinance Insights

"If you want a good job use Tushar his work is the best!"

Ie Agency

Independent Apparel & Fashion Professional

"What one likes about Tushar is the no-nonsense attitude and the commitment to delivery. Reverse Thought has been growing steadily, adding on capability, doing some sterling work. All of which reflects Tushar's approach, unassuming, quiet, but effective."

Amitabh Sinha

Chief Executive, Craftsbridge India

"Its great to work with Tushar. He is expert in web development, very reliable and trustworthy. I would recommend Tushar's services if you are looking for a good professional website in short duration of time and at a reasonable price."

Nisha Sawhney

SNS Design

"Tushar can Visualize and implement great flash based sites. He has good aesthetic sensibilities and understands flash based navigation. He keeps up with current design trends to provides great results. Cheers and Good luck !"

Hemant Suthar

Fractal Ink