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HTML 5 Vs. Flash
Hearing all the buzz about HTML5 soon being able to push Flash out of the internet scene, can be a sign of changing times to some, bad news to some other(especially veteran flash designers) and a need to upgrade to...
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Torrp-it-Up: A brand New Restaurant to Hit Mumbai
Here is the latest in fast food restaurants in Mumbai. This new chain promises a healthy quick and complete meal for people on the go. Check the website here:
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Amazingly Photoshopped Images!
Here’s what photoshop can do that genetic engineering cannot! Courtesy: Sunidhi Garg by Reverse Thought:
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10 Strategies to Make Your E-commerce Website a Success
I found this article really useful for people wanting to start their online store. Read it here. E-commerce websites have come of age. As customers realize the ease and benefits of online shopping, the popularity of e-commerce websites have soared...
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Mozaic- The Store
Check this exciting invite for the opening of an upcoming home decor store in Bandra, with a unique, promising collection of home decor ideas and solutions. Housed in a quaint Victorian bunglow, the store is an experience to look forward...
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FIFA 2010- Everyone’s a Winner
FIFA is here and with it millions and billions of dollars in the marketing game waiting to be played around with. Game events like these are usually a win-win situation for all involved. The players, the viewers, the sponsors, the...
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Responsibility in Design
Design? Responsibility?? What’s that supposed to mean??? I am sure most of you would come up with that reaction. But, this is a lot more relevant in today’s scenario than it was ever before. Because we use design not just...
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6 Easy Steps to Identify the Right E-commerce Solution
Many of us aspire to start our own business or take the leap from the home-store or the shop next door to an international widespread platform. Having an online store is probably the best route forward for many businesses, as...
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Reverse Thought, Boostr & More!
Every act of creation is first an act of destruction - Pablo Picasso That’s what we believe in at Reverse Thought. The creative process begins with a thought. But the process of innovative creation begins with the deconstruction of a...
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