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Working with Mr. Charles Correa- Internationally renowned Indian architect
We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Mr. Charles Correa. What was wonderful about this opportunity was to meet the man of outstanding stature-  A Padma Vibhushan & Padmashri awards winner, he has won acclaim and honor not just...
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How a challenger transforms into a leader – The story of Arris Architects in web
Arris Architects is one of our oldest clients and we happened to love their work literally at first sight! What started as a fresh, young architectural firm, we had the privilege of creating their first website, and it remained one...
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Fun with HTML5 and Layered Designs
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish So this is what we tumbled upon during one of our ‘hungry’ scouts for wonderful websites to love. Designed by French company Akaru, we love the Yookoso Japan website ( for its fun elements, layered design,...
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Responsive Design for Modern Browsing
If you are reading this post on your mobile phone or tablet, you would really appreciate what responsive design can do for you. It takes the stress out of browsing a website or any web content conveniently on the device...
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10 Ways to Make Corporate Videos Work for You
It’s official! Videos are fast becoming the new signature that every business must have to cut through the long clutter of words and represent themselves in a multidimensional manner with the use of the most interactive and engaging medium there...
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Organizing Teams To Support Effective Content Delivery
Over the last several months, I have found the conversation around content to be slowing evolving from “Why is content important to my business?” to “How do we organize around content delivery?”. The answer to this question lies in the...
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Summer Marketing Power Moves – 4 Ways to Tweak Your Business for MORE Success- Sue Clement
Have you “sharpened your saw” lately? Are you usually too busy for those important but not “urgent” tasks? Why not use that extra breathing space during the summer for sharpening your marketing saw – and boosting your business results! Remember...
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Selling in the Brave New World
Selling is the root cause of all commercial activity. Corporations, individuals, professionals – every one of them is in business to create something that someone would want to buy and pay for it.  Selling rolls the economy. While selling for...
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The Actual Shoot
So, finally we embarked on our week-long hectic schedule to shoot the video at the company’s plant and the sites where their products have been installed. We had a week of long driving hours, very little sleep, sometimes no food...
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The Action Begins..
We had been pitching for a large company’s contract for making their corporate video and brand film which would play an important part in their re-branding exercise and induction process. The client himself is really dynamic, passionate, powerful and a...
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