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4 Old-School Marketing Tactics Making a Comeback in 2018
Smartphones and Internet have become an integral part of our lives with most users spending most of their time on their devices. It’s no wonder then that E-commerce is taking over in-store shopping at a growing rate. Low-cost barriers, exact...
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The Big 2018 Facebook Algorithm Change
Facebook is still reigning as the big gun among the world’s Social Media Platforms, and any business that relies on Facebook for marketing has a lot at stake with its algorithm changes. Facebook’s algorithm holds the key to reaching the...
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Men Behind The Machine
Tushar Garg Principal & Creative Director He is the right brain of our agency and the man in the driver’s seat. Having worked for almost a decade in the industry, he has already amassed a long string of prestigious awards...
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How to Shop for the Right Social Media Agency
Finding the right  Social Media Agency is not like buying apples. It’s like finding your red carpet outfit Each brand needs an active social media presence in order to thrive today. Neglecting this aspect can plunge your business back into...
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Coolest things to buy on Amazon in 2016
So 2016 is here. We all have a huge list of expectations from the year ahead of us – Some want money, some want love, some want to lose weight, others want to gain weight– the list goes on. But...
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Power dressing for the textile industry
The Indian textile industry caters to the global demand for quality textiles. The sector boasts of a huge number of listed companies- stalwarts of the old economy and biggies in the new one. My experience of working with them has led...
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Finally the real audience has its say in Bollywood
How many of us have read rave reviews about certain movies only to find that they are a big yawn when you actually watch it? Or read a really crappy review and found the movie to be full of fun....
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Rating the top quirky online stores in India – I
So quirk is in, and how! As the number of malls keep growing with every mall boasting of the same brands over and over again, there is another parallel culture that is really hot in India- Kitsch Indian Fashion. From...
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Our beautiful five year journey
If you have ever seen a five year old on his fifth birthday, you know that this is an epic event in his life. He feels all grown up, happy, important and has a strong tendency to clap his hands...
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Creating the ‘Magic’ for Jamic
Jamic films is a talent powerhouse with some of the best ad films from India under their belt. Their brief to us was very simple- “Jamic is Magic remixed. And the magic comes from the fact that for us each...
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