How Does A Responsive Web Design Benefit A Business?

A responsive website design is so prevalent now. It refers to a design that can perfectly adjust itself to suit the user’s device. So the user can use a smartphone, laptop, desktop PC or an iPod to navigate the site. A responsive web design does not interfere with usability in any way, unlike a non-responsive one that might display texts that are too small to read, images that are annoyingly huge or links that can’t be clicked. It is beneficial to both the website owner and user. The following are six ways that a business can benefits from having a responsive website design.

Better SEO results

Every website owner wants to achieve higher rankings in Google searches (higher search engine optimization results). With a responsive web design, numerous people have attained this goal. They have attracted more traffic and leads their way as their responsive websites are accessible through any device. Since most people are now accessing the internet via their mobile devices, a website owner who has a responsive design is all set. They don’t have to create a separate version of their site that will be compatible with mobile phones. Their responsive site will automatically perform better in Google’s local search results.

Higher sales and profits

With a responsive website and strong marketing methods, you are assured of getting more traffic and leads. If you have several people visiting your website, you are likely to sell more than usual and get higher profits. With only one CSS (Single Style Sheet), any website user can stay longer at your site and read flawlessly from their favorite internet device. As they will be happy and satisfied, they will keep on coming back and might eventually place an order. If you really want to achieve this, consult a good web design agency in Mumbai today.

Easier tracking via Google Analytics

With a responsive design, you just have one version of your site to track in Google Analytics and produce a single detailed report. This can automatically save your time and money than when tracking several versions of the same website with the same tool. With the saved time and money, you can do better advertising or create a new product or service.

Cheaper and easier to maintain

It is easier and cheaper to build and maintain just one website that can be accessed by anyone from any place. That’s what you get when you decide to create a responsive website for your business rather than maintain several versions of just one site. The huge amount of time saved on design alone can be spent on new content creation or in any other way.

Perform better than competitors

Even if a responsive website design is among the most preferred designs these days, there are several entrepreneurs who have not upgraded to it yet. If you are already using it, you can rest assured that your site is performing better than your competitor’s. With Google already favoring websites that are using a responsive design, you stand a better chance than any entrepreneur who hasn’t adopted the new technology.

One website version reduces duplicate content and penalties

Google is known to penalize those who produce duplicate content. And it is easy to create duplicate content: just create several versions of your site. This means featuring the same content, graphics and other things on each duplicate site. While this might make your site more visible and accessible to many, Google might think that you are spamming and de-index your site. A responsive web design is the best alternative and will never provoke Google to demote your ranking. With all the above-mentioned benefits to enjoy, ensure that you talk to a reputable web design agency in Mumbai about creating a responsive website design for your business.