Things To Be Considered While Creating Your Brand Logo

Human beings are visual creatures and we tend to associate and remember things more that we have seen than those which we have read or heard. This principle applies to your business too. Your brand logo is not just any piece of visual media for promotions like brochures or greeting cards or posters etc. it is the face of your company. Most people can recognize the brand logos rather than the name of the companies themselves.

So when you have set out to revamp your brand logo or create a new logo for your brand, and before you reach out to a logo design maker, here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. What is your business?

    Your logo should have a purpose. It should depict who you are as an institution. The fonts and the design elements should complement your brand’s social background, clients, work ethic etc. Without it your logo will be directionless. After all, a burger looking logo for a hospital won’t be appropriate right?

  2. Break the trend

    When it comes to logo design, certain trends tend to prevail in the community and a lot of designers jump into this bandwagon resulting in boring similar logos. Trend isn’t necessarily bad, but what is important is designs that can outlast time, designs that are seamless and evergreen.

  3. Think unique

    Logos are meant to stand out. The McDonald’s logo and the Apple’s logo are some of the best examples of this. Go minimalist, think in how many ways other than the obvious one you can depict the picture. Experiment with color combinations, fonts, design elements and see which works for you.

    Go monochrome and see if your design looks better in that format as often a lot of printing will take place in that.

    Also when designing, always sketch out the logo with your hand on a notebook or piece of paper. It is crucial to always note down every time you get new ideas, which you can refer to while curating the final designing.

  4. Make it saleable

    Your brand logo will be present on a lot of different mediums, be it paper, poster, banners, shirts, cups etc. Having a logo in vector format not only allows you to blow it up to any size without pixilation, instead it ensures that it looks proportionate on any medium it appears.

  5. Don’t be limited

    Often clients will pressurize you to make certain changes because they think it’s wrong and though they are paying you, you know better designing than them. So don’t ever be afraid of criticism. Embrace it.

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